Dr. Bertice Berry, Ph. D

"When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny. When you find destiny, you find peace."

Webelieve  that for every need there is a purpose and for every purpose there is a need. So, in response to this unprecidented crisis of a global pandemic, we here at Bertice Berry Productions have all asked ourselves the following: what do we know and do well and what does our community need?
In response, we have become what The Episcopal Bishop of the Georgia Diocese has been calling, The Hope Factory. Everyday, we seek to serve and provide hope in these trying times.
Using hospital standards and high quality materials, we have made and shipped over 5,000 reusable masks to healthcare providers, nursing homes, prisons, courtrooms, clinics, food delivery providers, First Nation reservations and front line workers.

Each day, Dr. Berry shares a 3-4 minute inspirational video on YouTube and other social media to help folks weather their own internal storm.
Our work continues. If you need team building and inspiration contact Jeanine Chambers for presentations or webinars.

If you need masks, contact us at NDND Designs. We also make custom masks with your logo or photos.

We are here for you, together we will get through this.

Bertice Berry, PhD.
When you walk with Purpose, you collide with Destiny