Books By Bertice Berry, PhD.

When You Walk With Purpose You Collide With Destiny 

While suffering through the pain and recovery of a traumatic brain injury, Berry chronicled her way back to wellness and better. Berry has created her most inspirational work ever for the everyday challenges and pitfalls we all endure. When You Walk With Purpose You Collide With Destiny provides daily and weekly lessons for getting your life on track and staying there.

A Year To Wellness; And Other Weight Loss Secrets
In this inspiring and very useful book, Bertice Berry tells of her own struggle with weight loss. She tells of the failure of the usual techniques to work and narrates in detail the one she discovered, one that did the job, and one that was wholly natural. Berry tells the reader how to follow the same path to wellness, health, and a sought-after weight. 


The Ties That Bind; A Memoir of Race Memory and Redemption
When novelist Bertice Berry set out to write a history of her family, she initially believed she’d uncover a story of slavery and black pain, but the deeper she dug, the more surprises she found. There was heartache, yes, but also something unexpected: hope. Peeling away the layers, Berry came to learn that the history of slavery cannot be quantified in simple, black-and-white terms of “good” and “evil” but is rather a complex tapestry of roles and relations, of choices and individual responsibility.
In this poignant, reflective memoir, Berry skillfully relays the evolution of relations between the races, from slavery to Reconstruction, from the struggles of the Civil Rights movement and the Black Power 1970s, and on to the present day. In doing so, she sheds light on a picture of the past that not only liberates but also unites and evokes the need to forgive and be forgiven. 


When Love Calls, You Better Answer
Written with Berry’s signature warmth and reliance on African-American ancestors who deliver homespun healing, When Love Calls, You Better Answer addresses a host of powerful topics, from abusive relationships to corrupt church leaders. Ultimately, Bernita’s story will inspire readers to find the love they need, especially the love that can only come from within.

 Jim & Louella's Home-made Heart Fix Remedy
A sizzling, smart, and utterly engaging novel about sex, love, folklore, and family history from the author of Redemption Song and The Haunting of Hip Hop.


​​You Still Ghetto! 
Still confused about what ghetto is...and what ghetto ain't?
You know you're still ghetto if:
-You're looking for a brother or sister who will pay your rent
-You think you had a great workout because you shouted in church
-You always eat before you go to a dinner party because "you never know what them people got"
-You know that H.I.B. stands for "Hair I Bought"
-You live on an island but you can't swim
-You fish in the city

The Haunting of Hip Hop
Bertice Berry follows her finely pitched Blackboard bestselling debut novel, Redemption Song, with a mesmerizing cautionary tale about urban hip hop culture.
In ancient West Africa, the drum was more than a musical instrument, it was a vehicle of communication-it conveyed information, told stories, and passed on the wisdom of generations. The magic of the drum remains alive in Africa today, and with her magnificent second novel, Berry brings those powerful beats to the streets of Harlem.

Sckraight From The Ghetto; You Might Be Ghetto If...
 -Turning up the heat means turning on another burner on the stove
-You think of paneling as a home improvement
-You use a pair of pliers to change the channel on your TV
-You run to get pots as soon as it rains
-Your glasses and silverware come from a gas station
-Your weave is longer than your torso
-You have more than ten uses for Vaseline-and one of them is shoe polish
Ghetto is not where you live. Ghetto is not about income or social status. Ghetto is a state of mind.

Redemption Song​
Owner of a small African-American bookshop, Miss Cozy has an unique gift: Customers who walk through her door rarely leave without a book that speaks directly to their life. But when Josephine--"Fina"--and Ross arrive in search of an obscure, unpublished manuscript written by a slave woman, Miss Cozy knows that all her visions have been leading her to this magical day. 

Yet Miss Cozy has no intention of selling the manuscript--no matter the price. So she offers Fina and Ross an alternative. They can read it together at the store. It was not what they hoped for, but their interest in the extraordinary love story is about as strong as their uncanny attraction for one another . . . one they both sense runs much deeper than a kiss. In the course of a few days, Fina and Ross realize that this powerful book has special meaning for the two of them--and that the path to their shared future may be linked to something that happened more than a century ago. . . . 

 I'm On My Way But Your Foot Is On My Head!
Bertice Berry, PhD. offers her own inspiring story of overcoming the odds, combining humor and insight into race relations and making it in America. Original title: Bertice: The World According to Me

Bertice;  The World According To Me
Former talk-show host (The Bertice Berry Show) offers enjoyable autobiographical musing that describe an inspiring life. She can segue from a comical exegesis of her name (she's been called "everything from Burmese to Vertidal") to tell of her background as the "poor Black girl from the projects" who became a Ph.D. in sociology. From the need to laugh at the things that got me down, I learned to be funny," she declares, and her incisive humor animates her stories. Berry tells of the male role models she found as the child of a single mother (her father, she learned, was the singer Otis Redding), offers rueful wisdom on relationships and her short-lived marriage and recounts her lifetime love of reading and her teachers' early emphasis on black history. College students who liked her humor encouraged her to try comedy, which led to a stand-up career and her talk show. 

Dr. Bertice Berry, Ph. D

"When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny."