Dr. Bertice Berry, Ph. D

"When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny."

            * Conference MC

Because of Dr. Berry's popularity as a keynote speaker, she is often asked back as the Master of Ceremonies for the entire conference. Her humor and ability to be quick on her feet has made her a conference favorite. "Dr. Berry went above and beyond and made our conference the best ever."

Author and Ghost Writer
“I love to write, but sometimes, I feel like I’m just holding the pen allowing the words to flow through me.”

Bertice Bertice, PhD. has published 11 best-seller and critically acclaimed books both fiction and non-fiction. She has also shared her writing talents with those who have great ideas and techniques but little time or skill for delivering them. She works with would-be authors helping them deliver the story or idea that needs to be told.

       * Wellness Mentor

“Wellness is the re-integration of the spirit, mind and body.”

Bertice Berry, PhD., mentors to groups and one-on one for total balance after major life changes.

        * Life –Work Harmony                                        Mentoring   

“Have you ever noticed that when everything is perfect at work, home falls apart
and then when home is going great, work falls apart; therein lies the balance."

 With the technique she developed called

 Sherapy, Dr. Berry works with individuals and small groups either in person, by phone or by video-conference, helping them to develop the skills necessary to find optimum life-work harmony.

Speaker Development

“The greatest area of diversity is in how we process information; the second greatest is in how that information is delivered.”

Bertice Berry helps great thinkers develop and match their ideas with 
great presentations. Dr. Berry shares over 25 years of experience with presenting complex ideas to those who need to share their thoughts 
and information in the most effective and yet authentic way. She works 
with individuals and small teams of people who are dedicated 
in presenting their best self.